About Aromedicare

Aromedicare is a manufacturer and supplier of aromatherapy products of very high quality.

With our Van der Pluym and Aromedica quality brands we offer 100% natural oils whose active ingredients come from pure essential oils.

With the breadth of our range we can offer good and natural support for many common ailments.

In addition, the Van der Pluym assortment contains different types of massage oils and oils for the care of hands, legs, feet, skin and face.

In our practice and beauty salon, we also work with our own aromatherapy products for a perfect result.

You can also contact us for many kinds of beauty treatments, massage (including hot stone massage) and chiropodist.

Our oils are under various brands (including Aromedica, Van der Pluym) available from a growing number of drugstores, health shops and therapists.